Founded on the belief that we can always do better, STBP is a champion of lifelong learning and continuous improvement. STBP wants every employee partner to realize personal and professional growth to the highest levels they desire. This means we must work together to identify strengths, set career goals, and develop an action plan for success. We provide employee partners with opportunities to develop their careers through training and continuing education.

All Personnel Training

Since day one every employee partner has completed and maintained CPR/AED/First Aid training, administered by the Red Cross, American Heart Association, and other professional training partners. No one has told us to do this or required it, but we know it is important because it could save a life one day.

Field Personnel Training

Our field personnel are experienced and trained professionals in their positions, and we actively support them in completing and maintaining additional training as required for certain positions and work locations. We partner with our third party safety provider ESC Audits for ongoing safety training, toolbox talks, spot audits, equipment training, learning, and support. We partner with the Contractor’s Safety Council of the Coastal Bend for Basic Orientation Plus and all the various Site Specific training required for industrial work sites.

Professional Affiliation/Certification

We encourage employee partners to seek professional certifications within their area of expertise. Certified Professional Constructor, LEED Accredited Professional, SHRM, and Designated Design-Build Professional are just a few examples of the type of certifications we support and our employee partners hold. Professional certifications are not only a source of pride for our employee partners, they also demonstrate our team has the knowledge and skills to meet the highest professional standards.

Continuing Education

Some of the training and affiliation/certifications held by our team require renewal at certain intervals, and STBP provides the paid time and training cost to assist our employee partners in meeting these obligations to maintain credentials. We also encourage continuing education in more everyday settings, like webinars, task and department rotation requiring in-house teaching/training, and lunch & learns. We want to create a workforce that is hungry to know more and to help not only themselves but the entire team going forward.

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