We have broad experience in new construction, additions, renovations, remodeling, demolition, and site development across a long list of commercial and industrial business sectors. We are fully insured, bonded, trained, and registered with various safety compliance providers to be able to provide our services just about anywhere in South Texas. We provide these services through a variety of different contract structures, including the following delivery methods/service offerings:

General Contracting

STBP’s general contracting services are the most basic view of construction to the general public. This delivery type is typically used in the design-bid-build scenario, when the scope of a project can be clearly defined before contractor involvement, and when competitive bidding is desired. Our client partners can rest assured that STBP will provide competitive pricing, timely completion, quality service, and fiscal responsibility in producing exactly what is described in the project documents.

Pre-Construction Services

STBP Pre-Construction Services provide our client partners the assurance their projects will have the in depth front-end planning they need. Our experience in design management, scheduling, phasing, estimating, constructability reviews, risk analysis, regulatory compliance, green building planning, value engineering, bid procurement, and contract management help our client partners lay the foundation of success. Our client partnership approach to collaboration means we are dedicated to assuring our client partners reach their goals in the most cost effective way possible.

Construction Manager-at-Risk

Construction Manager-at-Risk (CMAR) is a hybrid of our general contracting and pre-construction services.  With CMAR, STBP is hired by the owner to join the team before the design phase is complete. We then work closely with the client partner, architect, and design team to develop a project’s plans and specifications. This allows our client partner and their separately contracted design team to take advantage of our construction expertise during the design process, which translates to cost savings and a product that best achieves their mission. Early coordination means the entire team is focused on finding the best solutions and value for the client. STBP’s extensive construction expertise, team attitude, and honest approach consistently make us our clients’ CMAR of choice.


Design-Build, like CMAR, provides for early contractor involvement, but goes one step further by assigning STBP as the single point of responsibility for the entire project from concept to completion. The owner has only one contract, with STBP, and we contract with our trusted architecture, design, and engineering partners to develop a plan tailored to the owner’s satisfaction. This streamlined approach adds simplicity for the owner in that they contractually have only one relationship to manage, saves time by leveraging our existing relationships with designers and trusted specialty firms, and maximizes value by designing the most bang for each budget dollar. Our clients have the ability to partner with a single trusted source and know the maximum project cost prior to the start of construction. Knowing the end price prior to completion is unique to this method and gives our clients a powerful advantage in project planning. Like CMAR, Design-Build fosters deeper collaboration and a greater team commitment to finding the best solutions for a project.

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