Our Employee Partners are the Heart of Our Organization

At STBP, we firmly believe we are only as strong as our employee partners. We strive to work with the best in the business and regard these talented individuals as the heart of our company. Based on this belief, we are unwavering in our commitment to protecting the health and safety of our employee partners.

Our employee-focused culture is manifested through STBP’s empowered, entrepreneurial atmosphere, where people are encouraged to take on challenges and new opportunities for their own growth and development as well as that of STBP. We sustain our team by seizing every opportunity to recruit, train, mentor, and motivate. We are a big proponent of the power of inclusion and we encourage the fullest participation from everyone in our midst.

Founded on the principle that we can do better, our employee partners are consistently inspired to reach new levels of personal and professional success. This is accomplished by investing in the best technologies, supporting continued education and training, and rewarding hard work with competitive compensation. We seek to create a shared sense of ownership and commitment to achieving the STBP mission.