Facility Maintenance


STBP’s Facility Maintenance department offers our client partners a completely customizable approach to their facility needs. We work with our client partners to manage their facility needs on demand as they arise, or by setting up scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly visits. Our in-house facility maintenance teams are professional, courteous, background checked, and ultimately capable. We are fully insured, bonded, trained, and registered with various safety compliance providers to be able to provide our services just about anywhere in South Texas. Each of our client partners identify their primary needs, we help by developing a work plan, and then work together to build a program around those needs.

Our Vice President of Facility Maintenance, Lindsey Lomax, helps our customers by providing facility solutions every day. STBP’s Facility Maintenance team is available 24/7/365 to assist our client partners with their facility needs even if (especially when!) you have a midnight surprise and need the right solution quickly.

Preventative Construction Maintenance 

Each client’s facility maintenance visit consists of standard preventative maintenance checks, such as:

  • -replacing and dating filters
  • -cleaning air grills
  • -adjusting supply and return dampers
  • -adjusting and setting thermostats
  • -cleaning overflow pans
  • -flushing out drain lines
  • -sprinkler system diagnostics
  • -clean out drain inspections
  • -lighting time clock inspections/adjustment
  • -interior and exterior light checks, also including:

Additional Maintenance Services

Once our team has completed their preventative maintenance work around your facility, they will work on any additional items that you need completed. Below is a list of some of the tasks we complete for our clients during our scheduled visits:

  • -General carpentry/handyman work, minor trade work
  • -Adjusting or Installing: doors, frames, hardware
  • -Wall, ceiling, and/or flooring finish patching/touchup
  • -Replacing stained ceiling tiles
  • -Corner guards and wall guards
  • -Fence/gate maintenance
  • -Installation of wall hangings and accessories
  • -Board-up for hurricanes or after a break-in
  • -Shelving, racking, and storage installation
  • -Moving heavy objects like boxes/furniture
  • -Selective interior demolition
  • -Removal of large/heavy/bulky trash items
  • -Minor equipment diagnosis/repair
  • -Minor electrical work i.e. cleaning dirty fixtures, changing out lightbulbs/ballasts, installing new fixtures, and converting light fixtures to LED
  • -Minor plumbing work i.e. repairing/replacing fixtures, adjusting water heaters

Small Job/Subcontractor Services

All Facility Maintenance clients are eligible for free estimates for any jobs that are too large for our in-house team to complete or require specific professionals. Our relationships with licensed trade professionals allow us to provide these services under our umbrella with quicker response and better pricing than most facilities would be able to obtain on their own, saving time and money. Our FM team will work with our clients to gather estimates, schedule, and manage the work, so that it can be as hassle-free as possible for our client.

Some examples of these type of work orders are listed below:

  • -Parking lot restriping
  • -Overhead door/rolling closure maintenance and installation
  • -Large scale interior or exterior painting
  • -Cabinet ordering and installing
  • -Joint sealant, waterproofing, and roof maintenance
  • -Appliance repairs, such as ice makers
  • -Concrete cutting/patching
  • -ADA compliance/investigation
  • -HVAC replacement/parts replacement
  • -Plumbing re-routes

Fire Extinguisher & Exit Light Inspections

STBP is registered with the Texas State Fire Marshal Office, and multiple employee-partners are licensed to maintain (inspect) and tag all portable fire extinguishers. The annual inspections are free to our scheduled FM clients and are offered at competitive rates to all businesses in South Texas. STBP can certify/label and replace all A,B, C, D, and K rated portable fire extinguishers, and we can schedule and oversee all ansul system inspections. Our team also inspects, repairs and or replaces all exit and emergency lights in our client’s facilities, as needed.

Interior Disinfecting Services

STBP offers disinfecting services to help keep commercial and industrial facilities, and our community, healthy and safe. The product we spray, Vital Oxide, is safe for humans and pets, non-odor, non-corrosive, and safe for most all surfaces in the workplace both interior and exterior. It is also extremely effective when used in accordance with manufacturer instructions against viruses, bacteria, mold & mildew, allergens, and odors on hard non-porous surfaces, soft surfaces, floors, tools and equipment, air ducts, etc. Hospital rated, commercial kitchen rated, and most importantly effective in your workplace for your people. Please check our Disinfecting Service page to learn more.

Contact us to learn more about how a partnership with STBP can serve you.

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