As a member of the STBP team, employee partners are rewarded through competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package. Our company culture is built on mutual respect, teamwork, and trust. We achieve this by providing supportive leadership, creating free and open channels of communication, and making work enjoyable and intrinsically rewarding.

Our benefits package includes:

Health Insurance

STBP offers health insurance benefits to employee partners at no cost and family may be covered at their cost if desired. Dental insurance, vision insurance, Aflac insurance, and various other coverage is also offered as a group and can be added on by employee partners at their cost.

Paid Holidays 

STBP recognizes nine paid holidays each year: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving x 2, and Christmas x 2. When required to work an STBP holiday because of client/work location requirements we pay double time and/or swap days so everyone gets to participate in some way.

Paid Time Off

In addition to nine paid holidays each year, every employee partner accrues paid time off with each paid hour worked. Employee partners start accruing paid time off on day one, and can accrue up to 20 paid days off each year to be used for vacation days, sick days, personal days, etc. even in the first year of employment. Most importantly, we require the use of time away from the office because we believe maintaining a healthy work/life balance is essential for success.

Work/Life Balance

Our ‘people first’ culture places a high value on encouraging a healthy work/life balance. We respect our employee partners’ time away from the office and we strive to create an environment they want to return to each day. We believe work should be enjoyable and intrinsically satisfying. Since we see our employee partner’s unique differences and individuality as strengths, we work hard to find what motivates and inspires each partner.

For many, it is about better future opportunities. That’s why we offer training and continuing education to those seeking to learn more. For others, it’s our focus on family and teamwork. We build relationships between employee partners, their families, and the firm through company-sponsored events such as BBQ cookout competitions, family work days, volunteerism, quarterly meetings, team parties, and team and family meals.


Our employee-focused culture means we are champions for the personal passions and causes of our employee partners. We urge our team to embrace the STBP mission to be involved community leaders. That’s why it is company policy to match employee donations to approved philanthropic causes up 1% of salary annually.